The objectives of Premier Gun Shows, LLC are:

  1. To champion and support the rights of law abiding citizens to own, enjoy and use firearms as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America
  2. To support and promote the shooting sports, hunting, and collection of firearms and firearms related activities.
  3. To support and promote the safe ownership and use of firearms.

Premier Gun Shows, LLC principals are members of the National Rifle Association and Premier Gun Shows, LLC is a business member of the Texas State Rifle Association. Membership drives, education, and current events are communicated to vendors and the public at our shows by NRA / TSRA recruiters and online at the Premier Gun Shows, LLC website,

Premier Gun Shows, LLC promotes firearm safety through the conduct of our shows and printed materials such as show date cards which include the 4 basic rules of gun safety.

Premier Gun Shows, LLC through its rules and regulations requires compliance with all local, state and federal firearms regulations and promotes compliance by vendors and the public. Premier Gun Shows, LLC hosts representatives of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms at shows, based upon ATF Agent availability to educate the vendors and public about ATF regulations.

Premier Gun Shows, LLC works with law enforcement agencies upon request to assist in investigations related to firearms activities.
Premier Gun Shows, LLC works with other firearms related groups e.g. United States Concealed Carry Association to promote firearms safety education and awareness by the public. Premier Gun Shows, LLC as part of its vendor base includes firearms collectors from organizations such as the Dallas Arms Collectors Association, Houston Gun Collectors Association and the Texas Gun Collectors Association.